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November 3, 2014
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When I launched my first podcast, Lady Business Radio, I had no idea how different my life would be just a few short years later. I third-string mostly just wanted to be the host of my own show, and bypass all the “dude” business shows that were interviewing other dudes and overlooking the ladies out there who had interesting stories wholesale jerseys China and dazzling personalities (like myself, Audio of course.)

Shortly after my podcast was “on the air,” some of my colleagues inquired about sponsoring the show so they could sell to my audience of motivated women entrepreneurs. They never asked me for download numbers or really, any numbers…they just knew that having access to the super-engaged audience would help sell their products and services.

I loved this idea and created advertising packages that included audio time, social media mentions, email links, web banners. It was super easy for me because prior to having my own graphic design firm, I had worked for a bunch of newspaper companies and digital magazines and created similar ad packages for their print and web customers.

Everyone had a win-win. I had some passive income, my friends had access wholesale jerseys to an incredibly captured audience, and my audience had information about stuff I loved that would make their lives easier and more awesome.

Fast forward a year or so and my friend Katie Krimitsos, host of the Biz Women Rocks! podcast wanted my advice on how to incorporate sponsors into her own show. I was happy to share my secrets and things I had learned and she suggested I create a course.

I laughed at that idea.

At the time, cheap jerseys I was pregnant and trying like hell to just find a solution to the “what the hell will happen when he’s born” question, and a brand new course created by a forgetful pregnant lady didn’t seem very smart.

But that was almost 18 months ago, and the podcasting space has sure changed since then.

I don’t think I need to list ALL the reasons why. But what I will say is that the industry is really different, and more mainstream.

And more and more podcasters are able to get sponsors, even if they’re not HUGE shows – but they don’t know HOW.

And if they did know how, they don’t know what to do once they have them.

And the sponsors aren’t real sure what to expect – how much to invest, or if they’re being overcharged or cheap jerseys what results they’ll get.

So I created a new media agency.

j/k media agency. (It’s my initials – but it’s also j/k – get it? Fun eh?)

It’s created for podcasters and small businesses who want to take something they’re passionate about and build it into something professional. Something that can bring a profit. Something that shows their strengths.

It’s created for companies that want to start f?rsta supporting their favorite podcasts or want to try podcast advertising just to see how it goes but aren’t sure where to begin.

It’s created with the realization that my biggest strength – my greatest feature – my best skill – is pushing people forward.

Welcome to the new and improved podcast era, people! Let’s wade in together.


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    Awesome!! Very cool, you a
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