About us

Our Company

j/k media agency is a boutique advertising agency that specializes in representing podcasts and hosts that have strong communities and powerful engagement. Our clients are a mix of established and well respected professionals, tribe leaders, and experts in their podcast topic(s) of choice.

We specialize in building and establishing podcasts as strong brands with irresistible content. Through strategy, creative, and social community outreach, our team creates the opportunity for podcasters to have maximum impact by focusing on the people behind the microphone as well as the people listening.

As an representative agency, we strive to help our clients by matching them with their ideal advertising partners to create relationships that win for everyone, especially the listener. Our advertising model and framework delivers maximum advertising dollar by offering a well rounded promotional platform, including all parts of the online community.

Our Team

Jessica Kupferman

Podcast Agent, Business Advisor, Digital Media Strategist


Jessica is the founder of the agency as well as the co-founder of She Podcasts and Podcasting School for Women. She is a Digital Media Strategist and advertising expert with over 15 years of experience working in the internet marketing space. Combining a mix of creativity and business development, Jessica works with companies, small businesses, and podcasters who want fresh ways of selling and growing online.
Every single podcaster has the chance to make money with their show. It's just a matter of finding your unique selling point to advertisers.