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We specialize in building and establishing podcasts as strong brands with irresistible content. We also represent podcasts and hosts that have strong communities and powerful engagement. Our clients are a mix of established and well respected professionals, tribe leaders, and experts in their podcast topic(s) of choice.

  • Representation

    As an media agency, we act as a liaison to represent podcasts as media channels for sponsors and advertisers. Our strength lies in our ability to turn podcasts into powerful brands, getting them media-ready and polished up – and then we match them with the best possible advertiser for their show. Our clients are NY Times best selling authors, surgeons, highly-successful bloggers and podcasters and long-time experts in their fields. Would you like to find out more about being represented? Please fill out the form below and get started!

  • Business Planning

    Your engaged community and passionate dedication deserve financial reward. We are determined to make it so. We are committed to exploring all possible options for optimizing your current platform and creating business plans that are easy to implement and smoothly sail towards success. We’d love to help you monetize your podcast! Get in touch with us below.

  • Strategic Consulting

    We work with clients to understand their ultimate goals – not just for their show, but for their life. It is here that we create the foundation through reflection, focus, and creative concepting. We specialize in podcasters because we ARE podcasters. Our consultants are on top of the rapidly-changing podcast and on-demand audio industry and can offer recommendations for improving systems and processes, for creative content, for great community growth, even for a successful pivot. We help podcasts adapt and grow using proven engagement tactics and innovative technologies.

  • Content Creation

    As consultants, we don’t just give advice. We pay attention. We are consistently on top of industry changes, developments and innovative use of the medium, and we pass that out-of-the box thinking on to our clients. It doesn’t matter if a show needs a refresh or to launch with a bang, we guarantee you’ll be as unique in the podcasting space as your voice is in the world.

  • Creative and Design Services

    We do much more than represent podcasts. Our in-house design team is seasoned and meticulous about creating materials that sing. Whether clients are starting from scratch, need a brand refresh or media kits and sell sheets that pitch themselves, and our creative team doesn’t stop until the visuals are jaw-dropping.

  • Project Management and Implementation

    Our project management team assists our clients in making sure that everything goes smoothly once the contracts are signed. With multiple marketing channels, deadlines and deliverables need to be managed with organization and clear communication. Our project management service includes advertising approval, delivery, insertion, and tracking.

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